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hearing “there's nothing 
else you can do” is
when your life is 
on the line
Conquer cancer panic and helplessness.  I want to show you everything my family has done to successfully navigate a cancer diagnosis.
Refuse to let a medical system stuck in the dark ages drag you down!
Going Integrative: A Cancer Patient’s Roadmap will help you to:
-Use the best of both worlds to stack the deck in your favor
-Confidently navigate the world of integrative treatments
-Protect your body from the ravages of conventional medicine
-Not go through this ordeal on your own
-Avoid financial ruin from medical costs
-Transform your life into an anti-cancer adventure
Going Integrative: A Cancer Patient’s Roadmap is the culmination of my family’s experience navigating a devastating stage four cancer diagnosis, thousands of hours of hard research and interviews with the world’s top integrative cancer doctors, and the work I’ve done personally helping hundreds of other families brave their own cancer journeys.

I’ve consolidated all the best evidence-based approaches to healing holistically without breaking the bank into a step by step program to take the guesswork out of cancer for you.

Going Integrative goes way beyond diet and lifestyle. These topics, along with supplements and non-toxic therapies are covered extensively, but the cancer journey in its entirety is about so much more.

How are you going to afford all of this? What’s the smartest way to blend conventional and natural modalities? How are you going to optimize your entire life to revolve around healing?

By the end of this program, you will have a solid game plan to address all of this and so much more.

If you’re serious about healing, making sure cancer never comes back, or avoiding a diagnosis in the first place...
Going Integrative: A Cancer Patient’s Roadmap puts you in the driver’s seat on the road to healing.
Going Integrative is a different kind of course. Instead of simply categorizing information and bombarding you with way more than you can possibly implement at once in each category… 

You’ll take time-sensitive, first things first approach.

This will take you through three phases - Stabilize, Survive, and THRIVE.  

Here’s what you’ll accomplish in each phase:
Primary Objectives
  • Change your health trajectory
  • Minimize further damage to your body
  • Acquire resources needed to stabilize the situation and prepare for the longer term effort
  • Change your health trajectory
  • Minimize further damage to your body
  • Acquire resources needed to stabilize the situation and prepare for the longer term effort
Accomplished Through:
  • Assembling a core medical & personal support network
  • Obtaining appropriate supplements and products to mitigate damage from some conventional medicines and negate the need for others
  • Implementing a basic (yet aggressive) nutritional and wellness program incorporating whole organic foods and key lifestyle changes
  • ​Removing major environmental health hazards from living spaces
  • B​eginning an online fundraising campaign
Primary Objectives:
  • A decrease and potential reversal in disease progression
  • Continued funding for needed treatments, nutrition and lifestyle changes
Accomplished Through:
  • Addressing all known basic cancer cell proliferation mechanisms through a variety of means
  • Maximizing nutrition and wellness program to include more nutrients, avoid foods deleterious to health and optimizing your environment for healing
  • Expanding the fundraising campaign to your local community and removing all unnecessary expenditures
  • ​Building out your support network to include specialized practitioners and remote personal support
  • ​Establishing schedules and routines around wellness practices and general operations
Primary Objectives:
  • The ability to tailor a lifelong program customized to you
  • Avoidance of major secondary illnesses
  • Access to previously inaccessible funding sources as others recede
  • ​The potential to find meaning from the ordeal and help others in need long-term
Accomplished Through:
  • Developing a deep understanding of cancer and how to evaluate and rotate through potential remedies
  • Using advanced health testing and detoxification procedures
  • Expanding nutrition and wellness program to home food production and removal of all remaining environmental toxicants
  • ​Incorporating fundraising efforts through a business or non-profit
  • ​Cultivating a deep knowledge of energetic and spiritual healing
what you get
In Going Integrative: A Cancer Patient's Roadmap
Going Integrative is the equivalent of over ten hours of one on one coaching with me. Each accomplishment within the three phases has a video presentation laying out how to get there.
The Going Integrative Guide Collection
This is where the rubber meets the road. Templates for your daily schedule, recipe templates, food selection and prep guides, supplement guides, fundraising plans, support network layout, non-toxic healing environment checklists, and much more are included in this collection!
The Going Integrative Transcripts
This includes all slides and transcripts of everything I say in each module so you can read along and highlight what’s most important to you. Everything covered in the program is here!

Whether you’re a cancer patient, caregiver, or serious about prevention…

Going Integrative is for anyone who wants to cut through the clutter surrounding cancer and start taking meaningful action.

When my son was diagnosed, I read all the books, dug through all the studies, listened to all the interviews, and even took some courses.

I learned about many great supplements, treatments, lifestyle changes and mindset techniques…

Too many in fact.

The amount of available on integrative and holistic approaches to cancer is staggering.

Only after years of my family’s own trial and error, along with seeing what has resulted in success or catastrophe for hundreds of other families coached along the way, have I been able to systematize the entire cancer journey in a way anyone can follow along with.

Not just the diet and lifestyle components, but the (arguably even more) important stuff that no one talks about.

How to afford it all. How to fit healing in with the rest of your life. How to deal with the conventional medical system. How to build an all-star support team. How to just keep going, no matter what.

It’s all there.

Going Integrative isn’t just about integrative cancer treatment. It’s about integrating every aspect of your life into getting better…

And how to sustain it for the rest of your life. This isn’t just about where to start, it’s about how to finish strong.

This is your turning point. You don’t need to be afraid, you just need to get moving!

Because there’s so, so much you can do. :)

This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.
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